Birthday Parties

For reasons that are still unclear to us, you’re supposed to lose your enthusiasm for your own birthday as you push forward through adulthood. At Cheetah Gentlemen’s Club, we feel that’s a real shame. Your birthday is like a New Year’s Eve just for you. Why would you ever treat that just like it’s any other day?

It’s your day, so live it up and go all out. Fortunately for you, our Hallandale, Pompano, and Palm Beach locations have hosted some of wildest birthday parties in all of South Florida. We treat you like royalty every other day of the year, so imagine what we’d do for you on a day that is actually all about you. No other night club can come close to providing the level of one-on-one entertainment and service that we can.


Everything You Need – Here…


First off, we can provide the essentials that no birthday party can be without. We’re talking, of course, about high quality liquor. Our fully stocked bar has everything you need to keep the good times flowing, so no matter what your tastes may be, you can rest assured that our professional and courteous bar staff will pour what you’re looking for. And what’s better than knocking back a smooth, delicious cocktail with your boys while you catch the game? All of our locations offer an impressive array of HD televisions throughout the club, so you’re sure to never miss a minute of action, from the NFL to the UFC to the NBA to whatever else might be on the airwaves on that particular night.


…With the Best Entertainment


Being that we’re the best place to find live adult entertainment in South Florida, we’ve saved the best for last: night after night, we have the hottest women in town, live, on our stage and in the flesh. We don’t subscribe to the trendy ideals and we don’t chase after what’s hip, and that comes across with our lineup of gorgeous dancers. These women are the real deal and they know what a true birthday experience at a gentlemen’s club entails. All that’s left for you and your crew to do is sit back, relax, have a drink, and let them get to work.

So don’t just treat your day like it’s one of the other 364 days of the year. You deserve a celebration like no other, and lucky for you, Cheetah Gentlemen’s Club can totally do that for you. Contact any one of our three locations to get the party started today!